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Strange Skin
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vocal introduction / 'Mysterious Skin' : Joseph Gordon-Levitt Audition dialogue.
   violated asylum
  Dimitris Petsetakis
  Into The Light Records ‎
   moving ornaments
  Young Marco
  Island Of The Gods
   strange love
  Haruomi Hosono
  Non Standard
   zwei hände im sand
  Andreas Dorau
  Mute Tonträger
  Phillipi & Rodrigo
   deutsche bahn
   fist full of dollars
  Tokyo Matt
  Disco Hamam
   the outsider in the mirrors
  Soft Riot
  Yuji Toriyama
  Pony Canyon
   skin on skin
  Free Love
   alleys of your mind
   sumatra railway (basic track)
  Maasais For Lunch
  monochrome tapes
   last wordz
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