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Love, Sex & Dating
MUSIC, Please!
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"touch me, make me feel that I'm alive..."
   dating int the 90's
  Archive Audio
  youtube clips
   private eyes (pitch ++)
  Towa Tei
  For Life Records Japan
  Khidja & Mihai Balabas
  Malka Tuti
  Cong Burn
   Floha Premstr.
  Piska Power
  Power Station
   Ndje Mukanie
  Zap Mama
  Crammed Disc
   dialogue from "filing for divorce" + Bilitis
  Vinne from V Squared network // McLane Explosion
  youtube Channel / Delphine
"its just really sad when things don't work out like you want them too"
  Les Yeux Orange
   Flesh Of My Flesh
  Justus Kohncke
  Kreisel 99
   Tour De France '16
  Cyborg 95
"my names Maurice. I'm an executive by day, and a wildman by night..."
   Fish liquor - 16bit
  CV (Cosmo Vitelli)
  Edit Service
   broken body
  Kissing The Pink
  Wounded Bird
  Celestial Trax
  Purple Tape Pedigree
   D'Ya Think I'm Sexy?
  British Standard Unit
  Cherry Red
   cindy electronium
  Raymond Scott
  Elipsis Arts
   if you could
  Disko B
"maybe take some dance lessons... learn how to dance!"
   You Are Loved
  Four Tet
"im currently involved in cleaning up toxic waste"
   "I don't want any kind of love anymore"
  James Dean (dialogue from East of Eden)
  Archive Cinematic Audio
   i only have eyes for you
  The Flamingos
   aerial tal
  Kate Bush
"for someone to properly care for a cat or dog.... thats SEXY"
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