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MUSIC, Please!
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   sock it to em judge
  Pigmeat Markham
   scuze uz y'all
  Brenda // The Tabulations
   good feeling
  Marge Evans
  United Artists
   knock out drop
  Joe Frazier
   that ain't water, thats pollution
  The Infinity // Billy Butler
   plastic man
   funky dollar bill
   marvin's groove
  B. W. Souls
   sock it to me Pt. II
  The Deacons
   the crackerjack
  Mickey // His Mice
   funkadelic sound
  Little Beaver
   monster walk pt. 2
  Rhythm 'n' Blues Classical Funk Band
   ninety-nine and a half
  Wilson Picket
   my babe
  Willie Mitchell
   annie got hot pants power pt. 1
  Sly Johnson
   come over here
  Henry Turtle
   its the real thing pt. 1
  The Electric Express
   LEO pt. one
   ain't no colour to soul
  Okie Duke
   mr. penguin pt one
  Lunar Funk
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