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Dark Shade in the Aquarian Age
MUSIC, Please!
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LSD sesión at Millbrook with Timothy Leary (1967)
  The Unfolding
  Wah Wah
   appearance is everything, style is a way of living
  The Human Beast
  J.K. & Co.
  White Whale
   (ballad of) the hip death goddess
  Ultimate Spinach
   look at me
  The Brooklyn Bridge
"seeking out new and alternative styles of life" dialogue from 'The Hippie Revolt' 1967
  The Leather Boy
   the narrow way (pt II)
  Pink Floyd
   apologies 2069
  The Litter
"some of the young people have jumped on to the revolutionary bandwagon just for the ride, for kicks"
   if not this time
  Fifty Foot Hose
   i think i'll just lie here and die
  Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band
   four hundred & five
  The Beacon Street Union
   you can't ever come down
  Joe Byrd // The Field Hippies
"e're doing the hardest work in the world, because we're growing, we're trying to change"
   flower punk
  Frank Zappa // The Mothers of Invention
   susie's gone
"that's what the American Dream is about.... unlimited GREED"
   free form in #6
  T. Swift // The Electric Bag
"we struggle, in our own humble way, to destroy the United States"
   long years in space
  Neighb'rhood Childr'n
   My Crystal Spider
"its a whole different way of life, its a whole different way of living"
   help, i'm a rock
  West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
   goddess of death
  St John Green
   along came sam
  The Sound of Feeling
"its like a perfect backdrop for a love society "
   mind gardens
  The Byrds
   2069: A Spaced Oddity (with dialogue)
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