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Tribute to Edgar Froese & Tangerine Dream
MUSIC, Please!
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   "why tangerine dream?"
  BBC documentary 1974
  Archive Audio
   nebulous dawn (excerpt)
  Tangerine Dream "Zeit" (1971)
   specific gravity of a smile
  Edgar Froese (Pinnacles 1983)
  Tangerine Dream "Stratosphere" (1976)
  Edgar Froese "Stuntman" (1979)
   "where does the name come from?"
  Edgar Froese Interview
  Archive Audio
   midnight in bear city
  Tangerine Dream "Destination Berlin" (1989)
   the keep (logos)
  Tangerine Dream "The Keep OST" (1983)
   argument of desire
  Tangerine Dream "Relayed Phases" (1983)
  Counter Point
   gaudi park (guell garden Barcelona)
  Tangerine Dream "Le Parc" (1985)
  Jive Electro
   "quad, glorious quad"
  dialogue - incidental music
  BBC documentary 1974
   sobornost (live)
  Edgar Froese (1981)
  Live recording
   highway patrol
  Tangerine Dream "Flashpoint OST" (1984)
   no man's land
  Tangerine Dream "Hyperborea" (1983)
   cloudburst flight
  Tangerine Dream "Force Majeure" (1979)
   taking the park (pt. 2)
  Tangerine Dream "The Park Is Mine OST" (1991)
  Silva Screen
   "they come with synthesisers"
  Edgar Froese Interview
  Archive Audio
   unexpected death
  Edgar Froese "Kamikaze 1989" (1982)
   midnight in tula
  Tangerine Dream "White Eagle" (1982)
   aqua (excerpt)
  Edgar Froese "Aqua" (1974)
   pheadra (excerpt)
  Tangerine Dream "Phaedra" (1974)
   drunken mozart in the desert
  Edgar Froese "Stuntman" (1979)
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