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   greetings from a dead man
   the zillionth watt
  Out Hud
   the skys the limit
  Rhythm Heritage
   rien que pour toi
  Fran├žoise Feldman
   say that
  Toro Y Moi
   gold (Bobby Lee's Dream Baby edit)
  Johnny Stewart
   spaghetti voodoo
  Keyboard Masher
  KM Editions
   i, i, i,
  The Osmonds
  Wonk Music
   disco jets
   kissing with Confidence (dub mix)
  Will Powers
   another lonely night in New York
  Robin Gibb
  Logic System
   the rec room (Outland Soundtrack)
  Jerry Goldsmith
  Warner Bros.
   walking on glass (45 pitch up)
  Peter Baumann
   breathing fumes
  Depeche Mode
   cities of the plain (zoovox rmx)
  Mazing Vids
  Lectric Sands
   ball & chain (chainsaw remix)
   the wheel
  The Miracles Club
   octave one
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