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Umbilical Chords: Navel-Gazing
pop // ambient // downtempo // softrock

Umbilical Chords aims to create a space to hide, beyond the furthest reaches of the world. We will fill your ears with noises to soothe and smooth the jagged edges of modern life. / / The 'umbilical cord', our first and deepest method of communication, binds us to the Earth, to our mothers, and to each other. Each of us bubbling together like twins floating in amniotic broth. Each of us navel-gazing. / / Roll into a ball and meditate with us in the space-womb, monthly.

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   19:00 - 21:00
   Wed, 09/10/2019
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Navel-Gazing #2
12/08/2019 // Navel-Gazing #2

Navel-Gazing returns tonight for a second spin. Tune in at 6pm for an hour of tectonic grumblings and celestial rumblings.

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