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Nice 'n' Sleazy
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   Genie (for Amaya)
  Remember Remember
  Rock Action
   One Of These things First
  Nick Drake
   My Girls
  Animal Collective
   City By The Sea
  Crystal Stilts
   I Thought I Saw Your Face Today
  She and Him
   State We're In
  The Chemical Brothers // Beth Orton
  Freestyle Dust
  David Rubato
   Busy Doing Nothing(tapedex mix)
  Love Is All
  White Label
   Right Around The Corner
  The Detroit Cobras
  Sympathy For The Record Company
   Nervous Breakdown
  Eddie Cochran
   New Kinda Kick
  The Cramps
   Born To Run
  Bruce Springsteen
   Bizzare Love Triangle
  New Order
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