In the beginning, there was a cup...
No Means Yes
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  Big Boi // Cutty
  Purple Ribbon/Def Jam
   Hip Hop
  Dead Prez
   Gravel Pit
  Wu Tang Clan
   Dead Man Walking
  Milanese // Virus Syndicate
  Planet Mu
   I Luv U
  Dizzee Rascal
   What You Talkin' About
  Redlight // Ms Dynamite
   Ooops (HudMo Mix)
   Hip Hop Changed
  Crookers // Rye Rye
  Southern Fried
   You'll Find A Way (Switch and Sinden Remix)
   Drop It Like It's Hot
  Snoop Dogg // Pharrell Williams
  Doggystyle/Star Trak/Geffen
   Stand Up
  Ludacris // Shawnna
  Def Jam
   Mo Fire
  Lil' Wayne
  Cash Money/Universal
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