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On Top
rnb // grime // jerseyclub // rapmusic // ballroom

On Top is all about new club music outside the worlds of house and techno. There are exciting things happening in grime, rap, jersey club and ballroom right now and that is what I aim to showcase. There will be guest mixes from some of the innovators of these scenes and new bits from the best up and comers on a regular basis.

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09/02/2015 // Unnamed Episode

We've recently announced our inaugural IRL event. We're leaving the radio studios and live streaming from living rooms behind (for now) and heading out to mix with a people in a social setting.

Thursday 19th February 2015, is the date, keep it free. See DJ Keoma, Sweeney and Felix Welch play songs in the flesh. Free B4 12 / £2/3 after.

Self promotion over, this show contains lots and lots of exclusive new music from the likes of Bushido, S-Type, Big Dope P and DJ Earl. It's a bit of a genre hopper this episode, no smooth sailing here.

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