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outpost: sangoma
afrobeat // highlife // africanfolk // desertblues // fusion

"New bridges must be built... because in the minds of too many of our people today... Africa is too far away." - Malcom X Fortnightly showcase of African experience and culture through music.

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   21:00 - 23:00
   Fri, 13/08/2021
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Summer of Love
16/07/2021 // Summer of Love

A varied selection of songs that have soundtracked the summer of love so far. Featuring: Balearic bliss from Helen, Wham!notes from The Zenmenn, Sultry sax from Gianni Morandi & Lucio Dalla, and the new “Only You� from Jo Bisso 💖🌞

Dedicated to the handsome stranger who took me on a spin round the West End on his motorcycle last night.

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