Seals, dogs, pet hamsters, other humans...
Paper Mache
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   Left Brain Prisoner
  The Echo Session
  Flowers In The Dustbin
Andy Coulson: “When a spokesman needs a spokesman, it’s time to go�
The ‘Fiscal Tax Policy’
Is Zebra meat stripey?
The Beginning of the Show: Non-News
Seal, dog, pet hamster, other human... in that order - things most likely to eat a child.
Specsavers divert people’s post.
The Winter news colander - catching what we missed
“Give me the mail and get out of here�
Chief puts public hair in beagle.
Two types of hair costs extra.
A funny antidote
George sues every woman he’s ever found attractive
Seals, dressed as clowns, juggling hamsters - a child’s worst nightmares
Racist seahorses
“That would’ve been an angle in the Evil Press�
Herpes Story Time:
"We took it to a local bird expert who has treated alcoholised birds before and she has been giving it lots of water."
10:12 - Sex O’Clock
‘A spokesman for sex said...’
17% of people have most of their sex not in a bed.
Nikky, in low state, found downloading Harry Potter
Israel clear up the Gaza thing, and say that everything they did was legal.
George’s legal reform: Two tier legal approach. Criminals caught. Government saves millions.
Barack Obama robs banks in the US
   Left Brain Prisoner
  The Echo Session
  Flowers In The Dustbin
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