Show 27: Contraband Christian Plum
The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart
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   Moustache In Your Face
  The Pretty
   Melvin Laid An Egg
   Real Crazy Apartment
  Winston's Fumbs
  RCA Victor
   Rumour Has It
  Todd Tamanend Clark
   Pieces Of Me
  Linda Hoyle
   Hard Times, Good Times
   He Will Come, He Will Come
   There She Goes
  The J & B
   Black Sabbath
   Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
  Gypsy Moth
   One Way Spit
   Acid Dreams
  The Monsters
  Voodoo Rhythm
   Let It Grow
  Iron Claw
   The Electric Insides & Metal Complexion...
  The Riders Of Mark
   Back Off Evil
  Dirty Tricks
  Mariza Koch
   It's A Gas
  The Hombres
  Verve Forecast
   Does It Really Matter?
  The Glass Opening
   The Bible
  D. R. Hooker
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