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Show 6: There Are Three Rules Of Audience
The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart
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   Silver Zero
  Spectrum Spools
   Kollekte (Side A)
   New Centurion
  Dom America
   Slip Inside This House
  13th Floor Elevators
  International Artists
   Russian Cathedral Bells
  Hearts Of Space
   One Half Speed Of Pig Slaughter
  John Oswald
   Limbo Sock
   La Bamba
  Kommissar Hjuler
  Ultra Eczema
   Tinh Yeu Tuyet Voi
  CBC Band
  Sublime Frequencies
   Sat Nav Wanker
  Ship Canal
  Hand Loom Lament
   Oban Stands Here (Dwars Radio Session, Dec 2000)
  Richard Youngs
  Andy Stott
  Modern Love
   Denki Noise Dance 3
  Kiro Radical
   Hairdryer Peace
  The Hospitals
   Electro Rock
  Simply Saucer
  Mole Sound
   Returning Truth
  No Fun
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