Show 26: I Smell Tar
The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart
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  Finders Keepers
   The Visitor From Inner Space
  Tom Dissevelet // Kid Balton
   The Forest Of Black
  Dirty Filthy Mud
  Sky Needle
  Independent Exhibitions
   Yell At The Moon
  John Terlazzo
  Turtle Beach
   (Shire Ru) Toiukoto
   Sound Of A Dream Kissing
  Suzanne Ciana
  Finders Keepers
   Yekermo Sew
  Hayvanlar Alemi
  Sublime Frequencies
  Tom Fazzini
   (For The) Love Of Weeping
  Woe to The Septic Heart!
  Bill Dixon // Tony Oxley
  Soul Note
   The Murdered Brother
  John Jacob Niles
  RCA Camden
   My Bleeding Wound
  The New Year
  Sexual Harassment
   Overture (Konditionsmuzik)
  Plate Lunch
   Trial By Seperation
  The Shallows
  Flying Nun
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