Show 28: Happy Hour On Ecstasy Cams
The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart
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   Fat Cow
  Nervous Gender
  Subterranean Records
   Swing Low
  Bishop McDaniel
   Tomorrow's Story
  Richard Youngs // Andrew Paine
  Sonic Oyster
   Crea Veleno
   Wegne'nda M'banda
  Le Super Borgou de Parakou
  Analog Africa
   Stations VI I
  Akos Rozzman
  Ideologic Organ
   Live at The Old Hairdressers (11th May, 2012)
   Tampax (In The Cunt)
  Compact Cassette
   Tsugaru Tour
  Akiko Yano
   Ovum’s Influence
  Village of Spaces
  Trd W/D
   Raks El Asie
  Baligh Hamdy
   Ziwzih Ziwzih Oo-Oo-Oo
  Delia Derbyshire
   The Blackleg Miners
  Louis Killen
   Put No Blame On The Master
  Astley Dixon
  Social Music
   Why Does Everybody Love Free Music…?
  Bill Orcutt
   Hawaiian War Chant
  A To Austr
  Holy Ground
   My Lucky Day
  Angels In America
   Uncloudy Day
  The Staple Singers
   Like This For Ages
   Watch Out For The Other Guy
  Observers Observing Observables
  Hardly Music
   Bulk Gummies
  Food For Animals // Hy
   O Death
  Bessie Jones
  Prestige International
  Bill Dixon
   And I Dream
  Years On Earth
  Calypso Now
   No Bad Hairdo
  Chris Carter
   Revelation 18
  Jah Shaka
  Jah Shaka music
   Queens Of The Circulating Library (live)
  Threshold House
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