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The Great Way Remains Ever Serene//First
Physical Memory
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Gas - Pop (Mille Plateux) between songs
   My Lowville
  The Fun Years
   The Great Way Remains Ever Serene
  Sun Dog Peace House
  Animal Image Search
  Tim Hecker
   Life's Fading Light
  The Sight Below
  Ghostly Intl.
   Disappearing Ink
  No Fun
   Avalyn II
   Internal Compass
  Infinity Window
   Phaser Acat I
  Alva Noto
   Waiting Room
  Marble Sky
  Callow God
  Gnesis Things
  Room 40
  Room 40
   Na Regen Komt Zondvloed
  Sylvester Anfang II
  Aurora Borealis
   The Feeling of Trancing Through A Silent Expanse
  Dragon's Eye
   Physical Memory
  Oneohtrix Point Never
  No Fun
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