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Physical Memory
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   Orange Julius
  Joyce Manor
  6131 Records
   Garment (For A Garment)
  Alva Noto
   Mainframe (1040 STE)
  Morr Music
   This Foundry
  Blackest Ever Black
   Matilda's Dream
  Demdike Stare
  Modern Love
   Synergistic Perceptions
  Robert Rich & B. Lustmord
   Untitled III
  The Holy See
   Where You End And I Begin
  Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
   Anticline Rests; Inertia Brace Yourself
  Basses Frequences
   Teil I
   Music For The Quiet Hour Part 2
  Woe to The Septic Heart!
   Lines Low To Frozen Ground
  Sleep Cycles
  White Label
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