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Pleasant Overthinking
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  Thelonious Martin
  The Home Team
   Dear Hip Hop
  LL cool j
  Def Jam
   Charles Barkley
  The Celestics
   Hood Dreams
  White Label
   Alright Video Prelude
  Kendrick Lamar
   Everything Remains Raw
  Busta Rhymes
   Rise and Fall
  AZ // Little Brother
  Quiet Money
   The Green Balloons
  White Label
   Starting to Think (They Might be on to Something)
  White Label
   The World is Yours
  Nas X Cooking Soul
  White Label
   Stakes is High
  De La Soul
  Tommy Boy
   Think Back
  Boot Camp Clik
   The Mission
  Stones Throw
   Seven Days (Primo Remix)
  Craig David // Mos Def // Nate Dogg
  White Label
   Straight From the Harp
  damu the fudgemunk
   To Remind Us
  Freddie Joachim // Miles Bonny
  Mellow Orange
   Why iii Love the Moon
  phony ppl
  phony ppl
  The Pro Letarians
  White Label
   You Should Know
  Prhyme // Dwele
  Sixtus Preiss
   Comfort Cruise
  White Label
   The Only One
  Dirty Science
  Doom // Kurious
  Fondle 'Em
   Vulcan Grip
  Hawk House
   The Official
  Stones Throw
   Turn Me Up
  Ab-Soul // Kendrick Lamar
  Twista // Anthony Hamilton
   Fast Life
  Asher Roth // Vic Mensa
  Federal Prism
   How to Kill a God
  Apollo Brown // Ras Kass
  Mello Music Group
   Like Whoa
  White Label
   been movin bricks
   Uncle ACE
  Blood Orange
   You Don't Care (About Our Love)
  China Burton
   You're the One for Me
  D Train
   Still Pimpin
  Tommy Wright III
  White Label
  Jay Prince
   So It Goes
   That's Love
  Mello Music Group
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