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#11: October 2011 w/ Admiral Fallow session
The Pop Cop
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  Regina Spektor
   Abbey Gallop
  Washington Irving
   Happy Banjo
  Dark Mean
   This Scene Is Dead
  We Are Scientists
   The Fear
  Ben Howard
  Tot Ou Tard/Island
   The Beetle In The Box (Subcity live session)
  Louis Abbott (Admiral Fallow)
   Girl In The War
  Josh Ritter
   I Am An Astronaut
  Snow Patrol
   Burn Me Now (Subcity live session)
  Louis Abbott (Admiral Fallow)
   Young Love
  Skinny Villains
   Such Sweet Alarms
  Joy Kills Sorrow
  signature sounds
   Head Full of Doubt / Road Full of Promise
  The Avett Brothers
   Hide and Seek
  Oskar Empire
   Oil and Lacquer
  Bear Bones
   Forever My Friend
  Ray Lamontagne
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