We See Lights
Pop Goes The Revolution
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  For Abel
  Flowers In The Dustbin
   Judge & Jury
  Wilful Missing
Song Battle - Dave Says F
   Olympic Airwaves
   Va Va Va
  Findo Gask
   Pumped Up Kicks
  Foster The People
   Lights Out
   Cheating On You
  Franz Ferdinand
   You Make My Heart Go Boom
  Futuristic Retro Champions
The Song Battle Ends. Peace Between Letters Is Restored.
  Skinny Villains
   Like, Epic
  Olive Grove
We See Lights Interview Part 1
   I Hope You Like The Smiths (Acoustic)
  We See Lights
'A Fond Little Trip Down Memory Lane'
   Is This Love
  Bob Marley
  What The Cat Dragged In
   Perfect In Theory
   Wondering About The Fall
  Where We Lay Our Heads
We listen to an album for the first time.
   Election Day
  White Heath
  Electric Honey
   On Ya Knees
  Skeletons And The Empty Pockets
   Cameras And Lights
  Shooting Stansfield
We See Lights Interview Part Deux
   Poppets (Acoustic)
  We See Lights
   The Great And The Good
  Max Raptor
   Don't You Touch My Fucking Honeytone
  King Post Kitch
  Song By Toad
A Saving Grace
   Live Those Days Tonight
  Friendly Fires
   Into Words
  Loch Awe
   Night's Over
  Dead Ends
   Wave or Particle
  Spirit Of Play
   'When The Watchmen Leave Their Stations'
  White Heath
  Electric Honey
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