Screw it, I'm off to America...
Pop Goes The Revolution
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   I Just Can't Stop Myself (From Writing Love Songs)
  Sophie Madeline
   Eden Was A Garden
  Roman Candle
   How Do You Do It?
  Quiet Company
   Everything I Touch (Just Falls Apart)
  Midi And The Modern Dance
   Bedroom Nerves
  Eaten By Monsters
Song Battle - Caroline Plays - Dave Reed suggests I
   Slow Hands
   Ca Bouge
  Ice Black Birds
   The Passenger
  Iggy Pop
  RCA International
   Ben Stains
  I Say Marvin
  Ian Ball
End of Song Battle
It's still Christmas (honest)
   Goodbye Daniel
Caroline's Nostalgia (Aliteration Is Overrated)
   The Promise
  Albert Jones
  Charlotte Kaye
   The Cutty Wren
  Damh The Bard
   House of Valapraiso
  Robin Mitchell
   Sparks & Scars
  Young Minds
A Saving Grace
   What You Know
  Two Door Cinema Club
   Cala Cola
  The Smiles
   Lost At Sea
  Little Yellow Ukeleles
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