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Practice Good Practice
experimental // homemade // soundcollage // goodtimes

A monthly collage of studio experiments, field recordings, live performances, exclusive edits and obscure transmissions gathered from a wide cast of artists working with sound from Glasgow and beyond. Compiled and arranged by Charlie Knox http://PracticeGoodPractice.Party

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   20:00 - 22:00
   Sat, 19/12/2020
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New Saturday Night Practice Good Practice Party
21/11/2020 // PGP Party 001 - Out to the Gazebo Rave Crew

Hello, how you doing?

I'm trying something new and want to share it with you. I really miss shared experiences in dimly lit rooms with dancing so I'm trying to encourage folk to do this in their living rooms for some primetime saturday night trippy radio party vibes.

Yep my subcity show is moving to a monthly saturday 8-10pm slot. I've been playing with a new hybrid dj/live set up with lots of great records by others and lots of live improvised synthy bits form me. Tune in and join me, turn it up as loud as you can, dim the lights and lets have a rammy.

I'll be dancing and generally having the big time fun its hard to come across these days and i'd love for you to join me.

No video feed just music. Ranging from trippy synth journeys and spaced out disco to full on raging 90s bangers and futuristic headmelters. smoke em if you've got em. subcity has a chat room so i'll also be in there talking nonsense http://www.practicegoodprctice.party

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