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Larry Levan
the queer history of dance music
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   I'm Coming Out
  Diana Ross
   Love's Theme - Alternate Version
  The Love Unlimited Orchestra
  Taana Gardener
  BMG Rights Management
   Always There
  Side Effect
   And I Don't Love You - Instrumental
  Smokey Robinson
   Weekend (Larry Levan Mix)
  Class Action // Chris Wiltshire
  Sleeping Bag
   Real Love - The Paradise Garage Mix
  Man Friday // Larry Levan
  Nite Grooves
   Trinidad - Special Disco Mix
  John Gibbs // US Steel Orchestra
   Standing In The Rain
  Don Raye
   Pull Up to the Bumper
  Grace Jones
   Walking Into Sunshire (Larry Levan Mix)
  Central Line
   Peanut Butter (Larry Levan Mix)
  Gwen Guthrie
   Put Your Body In It - 12 Inch Mix
  Stephanie Mills
  The Island Def Jam
   The Magnificent Dance
  The Clash
   You Can't Hid (Your Love From Me)
  David Joseph
   You're the One For Me (Labour of Love Mix)
  D Train
   Moody (Spaced Out)
   Hot Shot (Original 12 Inch Mix)
  Karen Young
  Altra Mode
   Is It All Over My Face (Female Version)
  Loose Joints
  West End
   Can't Get Enough
  Master C & J // Liz Torres
   Probl√®mes d'amour
  Alexander Robotnick
  Materiali Sonori
   Situation (12 Inch mix)
  Preference Prod
   Gladys Knight
  Its a Better Than Good Time
   Stand on the Word - Larry Levan Mix
  Joubert Singers
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