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Radio Dacha
punk // electronic // pop // mixtape // east

Expect a cultural shock by surprising, ├╝bercool, underrepresented tunes from the east-facing balcony of our dacha. We'll tell your ears all about the bedroom pop revolution, Russian techno, synthesiser collections stored in tenement block apartments, the ye-ye girl's of Hungary, where David Hasselhoff was looking for freedom, the activist popstars of Lebanon, and last but not least what a dacha actually is.

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   14:00 - 15:00
   Mon, 23/07/2018
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Berlin Berlin
Shotgun Vietnam
RU Techno
Ye Ye Budapest
Berlin Berlin
23/05/2018 // Berlin Berlin

Berlin Berlin presents the city in it's divided form in the 80's. Music on the two sides of the wall couldn't have been more different, but oftentimes you can already feel the wind of change while listening to them. This episode is mostly focused on punk, new-wave and hip-hop music.

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