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Community Radio Showcase
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Over the course of 2021, Subcity is delighted to work alongside a selection of wonderful community stations from around the world. We will broadcast a selection of shows on their station and they will broadcast a selection of theirs on ours.

EHFM - 27th and 28th Feb '21
Aerial - 1st and 2nd May '21

No Episodes Scheduled

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Wanderlust - Cashmere Radio
28/05/2021 // Wanderlust - Cashmere Radio

Part of the Community Radio showcase with Cashmere Radio, Berlin

Wanderlust Showcase

Abby Lee Tee – Riverside Burrows Pt. 2

Olli Smith – Sarehole Mill (Questioning Tranquility)

Memories of the Incandenzas’ pre-E.T.A. home from Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

Phil Mill – Soundpostcard

Opening of Street Haunting by Virginia Woolf

Patricia Wolf – snow falling on rough horsetail and dead oak leaves

Joshua Sadinsky – Berlin Locomotives: S7 nach Lichtenberg

Ragnhild May – Opal Søen

On Intimate Immensity from The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard

Eduardo Abrantes – Þetta er umfram okkur / This is beyond us (�safjörður, Iceland, 2017)

ethical dilemma – hyphae goes

On Longing from The Blue of Distance by Rebecca Solnit

Claude Schryer – simplesoundscapes Episode 70: Moonwalk

Zoe Gordon – Keynote

O-Ma & Pierre Montagnon – Phare


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