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The First Episode
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  Belle and Sebastian
Our introductory part of the show, definitely not made any blaring errors in these first five minutes, oh no! Not us!
   The Weight of Years
  Idlewild + Edwin Morgan
  Chemikal Underground
   The Midget's Lament (live at Carnegie Hall)
  Dory Previn
A bit about the full-length Ballads of the Book Documentary premiered at The Sounds Festival last week + some definitely related chatter.
   Unchained Melody
  Jimmy Young
   Past Present Future
  The Shangri-La's
   The Clearing
  Arab Strap
  Chemikal Underground
A discussion about our 'creepy' segment, something about car boot sales, NOT the credit crunch, Jim/Gym, Roody Womble and the rest of the Wimbledon Common litter picking, non-dead rockstar collective and Days Like These (www.scottishbooktrust.com)
   Silver and Sunshine (How Wonderful is our Love)
  The Looking Glass
   El Guayo De Catalina
  Manolin Morel
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