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Rock n Roll Meltdown
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   into the void
  Black Sabbath
   cold hearted man
   gimme some lovin'
  The Savage
  Planet X
   sick again
  Led Zeppelin
   i'm a living sickness
  The Calico Wall
   gotta get some
  The Bold
  Misty Lane
   it's only rock n roll (but i like it)
  The Rolling Stones
   we don't care
  Slaughter and the Dogs
   walking on the water
  The Golliwogs
   nutbush city limits
  Ike and Tina Turner
   non-alignment pact
  Pere Ubu
  Rough Trade
   honey bee (let's fly to mars)
   every picture tells a story
  Rod Stewart
   fried hockey boogie
  Canned Heat
   garden of my mind
  The Mickey Finn
   evil hearted you
  The Yardbirds
   i'm gonna make you all mine
  The Shadows of Knight
   smash it up
  The Damned
   they walked in line
  Joy Division
   lazy days
  The Byrds
   close to you
  Squid Vicious
   the rocker
  Thin Lizzy
   she's a hole
  The Oblivians
   i belong to you
  The Reverend Beat Man
  Voodoo Rhythm
   machine gun
  The Riptides
   swedish tears
  St Giles System
   gimme danger
  Iggy and the Stooges
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