Rock n Roll Meltdown
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   circles (instant party)
  The Who
   new kind of kick
  The Cramps
   it's not easy
  The Rolling Stones
  Blue Cheer
   sick of you
  Iggy Pop
   cold sweat
  Thin Lizzy
   she just satifies
  Jimmy Page
   glimmer sunshine
  Jack Bedient & the Chessmen
   unconscious power
  Iron Butterfly
   late for the train (bootleg)
  The Buzzcocks
   i'm in love with my car
   brand new cadillac
  The Clash
   open my eyes
  the nazz
   bad girl (original mix)
  The New York Dolls
   red house
  Jimi Hendrix
   creeping death
   what is and what should never be
  Led Zeppelin
   that's the way it's gotta be
  The Poets
   i never loved her
  The Starfires
   rock relic
  The Boys
   just for fun
   no silver bird
  The Hooterville Trolley
  Music Maniac
   sunshine help me
  Spooky Tooth
   slow death
  The Flamin' Groovies
   cara lin
  Korners of Time
   two headed dog
  Roky Erickson & The Aliens
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