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He's Come Back
Rock With The Caveman
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   You've Come Back
  Leslie Gore
   Paper Castles
  Frankie Lymon // The Teenagers
   Help Me Somebody
  The "5" Royales
Ipana Toothpaste Advertisement
   Well Now Dig This
  The Jodimars
   The Saints Rock 'n Roll
  Bill Haley // His Comets
   Brown Eyed Handsome Man
  Buddy Holly
   Get A Job
  The Silhouettes
  The Decoys
  Times Square
  The Starlighters
Ironized Yeast Advertisement
   Two Silhouettes
  Del Shannon
   The Grass Always Seems Greener
  The Tanzotic All Stars
   For Your Precious Love
  The Hi-Lites
   Anyplace Is Paradise
  Elvis Presley
  RCA Victor
   Crying In The Chapel
  The Orioles
Ken L. Ration Dog Food Advertisement
   Little Joe
  Jack Day
   Right Hand Man
  Bobby Comstock
   Rock Granny Roll
  The Midnighters
   Lonely Surfer Boy
  The Chartbusters
   Goodbye To Love
  Teddy & the Twilights
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