Spooky Cave
Rock With The Caveman
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   Theme From The Addams Family
  Vic Mizzy
  RCA Victor
   Watusi Zombie
  Jan Davis
   There's A Creature In The Surfers' Lagoon
  The Deadly Ones
   The Monster
  Bobby Please
  The Frantics
  The Mysterions
   Night Of The Vampire
  The Moontrekkers
   Theme From The Munsters
  Jack Marshall
   Ghost Guitars
  Baron Daemon & the Vampires
   Frankenstein Stomp
  Count Lorry & the Biters
   I Was A Teenage Monster
  The Keytones
   The Spook
  The Tomkos
   Morgus Creep
  Morgus & the Daringers
   The Boogie Man
  The Cadillacs
   Miss Frankenstein
  George Jackson & the Unisons
  The Deadly Ones
   Moon Shot
  Kenny & the Fiends
   Theme From Scooby Doo Where Are You
  Ben Raleigh
   Graveyard Rock
  Tarantula Ghoul & her Gravediggers
   Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  The Crossfires
   Were Wolf
  Carl Bonafede
   The Cat
  Rod Willis
   Jack The Ripper
  Link Wray
   The Ghost Hop
  The Surfmen
   It's Monster Surfing Time
  The Deadly Ones
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