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Ben and Matt's Saturday Shakedown (Est.2002.) Live every Saturday 4-5pm (GMT). Flat-cap hillbilly country, budget rock and roll, Sci-Fi surf, and gospel fuzz from the muddy shores of the Mississippi Delta to the delicate banks of the Clyde Estuary:

"Rock and Roll is the voice of the young, the pulse of the kids who are with it, the kids who are no longer satisfied to look at the stars, but who are devising ways and means of reaching them... and to do that means trimming superfluous edges from every facet of life, including music." https://twitter.com/shakedowntown

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   Sat, 25/11/2017
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29/07/2017 // Retro-SPENCE

On this week's show, Episode 330, we're opening the archives of Jim Spence's musical history, and recently unearthed and dusted down arty-facts. Sinister Urge, Grease Monkeys, Golden Guineas, Brutes, Jackhammers will feature...

Jim has spent the last three+ decades in rock and roll and punk groups playing his bass, shaking his ass - Nasty, Brutish and Short, all the way.

It's the Jim Spence Retrospective Shakedown, if you will a Retro-SPENCE-tive!

Saturday Shakedown, 4pm subcity.org/shows/shakedown

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