Beauregarde Brute Special!
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Rubber City Rebels
  Rubber City Rebels
   Dear Junkie
  Sub Pop
   Takin' the City by Storm
  Lame-Ass Gardner
   The Shadows of Knight
  You Can't Judge a Book (By The Cover)
   Los Peyotes
  Dirty Water
   You Never Had it Better
  Electric Prunes
   This is Rock 'n Roll
  The Kids
   Nobody Can Tell Us
  The Pack
   I Wanna Die (but not right now)
  Hubble Bubble
  Dagger Man
   Cranked Up Really High
  Slaughter & The Dogs
  Fun Things
  The Bucky Rage
  Bucky Rage
   One and One
  The Wildebeests
   Hindu Gods (of love)
  Lipstick Killers
  Chron Gen
  Step Forward
   Stick My Knife
  Clone Defects
  In the Red
   Just Head
  Nervous Eaters
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