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w/Special Guests 'The Bucky Rage'
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Mr Pharmacist
  The Other Half
On today's show - The Bucky Rage!
   World War III
  The Rats
  The Bucky Rage
  Northern Cowboy
  The Bucky Rage
  Northern Cowboy
   Animal Party
  King Khan & BBQ
  Fat Possum
   Lost in the Jungle
  The Bucky Rage
  Northern Cowboy
   Walkin and a Steppin in the Fire
  King Louie
  Rock n Roll Purgatory
   You're Such A Loser
  The Bucky Rage
  White Label
   I Think I'm Gonna Die Tonight (But I Don't Care)
  Al Foul
  Rock and Roll Purgatory
   Get Me To The World On Time
  The Electric Prunes
   Cut 'em down (Recorded live at Henry's Cellar Bar)
  The Bucky Rage
   I Want It All
  The CPC Gangbangs
   The Bump
  The Bucky Rage
  Northern Cowboy
   Red Wine
  The Juke Joint Pimps
  Voodoo Rhythm
   I am the object of your desire
  Billy Childish and His Famous Headcoats
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