Athlete Cured
The Saturday Shakedown
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  Bo Diddley
  Pye International
   She's Like Dracula
  John Wesley Coleman III
   I Need Somebody
  Sweet Nothing
   Preaching The Blues
  The Gun Club
   Sweet Lullaby
  Prairie Rose and the Wildwoods
   Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot
  The Headcoats
   Hairdresser Blues
  Hardly Art
   I Wnna Go Wild
  Death by Unga Bunga
  The Allman Brothers Band
   Young Livers
  Rocket From The Crypt
  Live Bootleg
   Bad Time
  The Roulettes
   Athlete Cured
  The Fall
  Strange Fruit
   Shout Bama Lama
  The Detroit Cobras
   Rise Above
  Black Flag
   WeDon't Know
  Roy and the Devil's Motorcycle
   Johnny's Got A Gun
  Dead Moon
   Born To Bruise
  The Coyote Men
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