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with Mike Storey, Slings & Arrows
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Panic Button
  Dex and Simon
   Ouija Board
  Heavy Times
  The Dexateens
  Dell 'Orso
   Another Girl, Another Planet
  Slings and Arrows
   I Can See The Furies Floating By
  Slings & Arrows
   Walkin' Through The Sleepy City
  The Parting Gifts
  In the Red
   Zing Zing Zing!
  Slings & Arrows
   Livin in the City
  Dwight Twilley
   Billy Bones
  Slings & Arrows
  Live in Session for Subcity
   Road To Silk
  Sling & Arrows
  Live in Session for Subcity
   Pretty Thing
  Bo Diddley
   I Ain't Nothin But A Gorehound
  The Cramps
  New Rose
  The Blind Shake
   Genetic Engineering
  One Louder
   The Little Sleep
  Slings & Arrows
  Live in Session for Subcity
   Gotta See Jane
  R Dean Taylor
  Tamla Motown
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