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Shaking it down with The Fnords
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Graveyard Shake
  The Deadly Snakes
  In the Red
  Rod Bernard
   The Date's On Me
  The Trashwomen
   Valley of the Kaisers
  The Kaisers
   The Ghastly Stomp
  The Ghastly Ones
  Zombie A Go-Go
   He's an Animal
  The Masonics
  Damaged Goods
   Gates of Steel
   You broke my heart so I broke your jaw
  The Brentwoods
   I Walk The Line
  Alien Sex Fiend
  The Primitives
   Bad Little Woman
  The Heels
   The Munsters Theme
  Los Straitjackets
  Zombie A Go-Go
   Zombie Go-go Girl
  The Fnords
  White Label
   Fools Fall in Love in a Hurry
  The Drifters
   My Girlfriend's in the FBI
  The Drags
   La Parrain
  Les Wangs
  Productions de l'impossible
   I Should Better Be Looking For Dangerman
  The Mummies
   Restless Legs
  Half Man Half Biscuit
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