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The Saturday Shakedown
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   Come On
  The Soft Pack
   Bermuda Triangle Shorts
  Man or Astro Man
   You're Lyin
  The Troggs
   Just A Fool That's Down
  The Sultans
  Thin Lizzy
   Phantom on Lane 12
  The Mono Men
   Stop and Think It Over
  Mary Weiss // The Reigning Sound
   Hey Boy
  Magic Kids
   Cherry Cherry
  The Music Machine
  Big Beat
   My Heart
  Smith Westerns
   Glad Girls
  Guided By Voices
   Pocketful of String
  Zen Guerrilla
   Degobah System
  Wounded Lion
  In the Red
   I Want You
   Boss Hoss
  The Sonics
   Kissing Cousins
  The Saints
   Out of Time
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