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Some Kinda Earthquake
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Some Kinda Earthquake
  Duane Eddy
   Give Him A Great Big Kiss
  The Shangri-La's
   I'm Your Man
  Richard Hell and the Voidoids
   Rock N Roll Face
  The Penetrators
   House of Ivy
  The Creeping Ivies
  Dead Beat
   Destination Venus
  Man or Astroman?
  Touch and Go
   Invaders On My Back
  Fu Manchu
  At The Dojo
   Mystic Decade
  Hot Snakes
   Deeper Than Inside
  Rites of Spring
   I Just Can't Be Happy Today
  The Damned
   Gonna Be Your Dog
  Sick Thoughts
   Like You A Lot
  The Achtungs
  Going Underground
   Trashman's Blues
  Kai Rai
   You Without Sin
  Isaiah Owens
   The Witch
  The Sonics
   Little Town Flirt
  The Intelligence
  In the Red
  Trauma Harness
  Rat King
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