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Matt & Ben's RNR Faves of 2016
The Saturday Shakedown
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   Let It Rust
  METZ and Swami John Reis
   Safe Word
  Choke Chains
   Silent Kill
   Where's Shelley?
  Mrs Magician
  The Jeanies
   She's A Fool
  Goodbye Boozy
   Wild One
  TV Crime
  Static Shock
   Can't Stop Fighting
  Sheer Mag
  Static Shock
   Up Helly Aa
  Lord Rochester
   Cold Line
   Wednesday Night Melody
  Dead Oceans
   If You Live
  Meet Your Death
   Song For Kylie Minogue
  Damaged Goods
   Hey Killer
  Jack Oblivian and The Sheikhs
  Sacred Paws
  Rock Action
   Glendale Junkyard
  In the Red
   Honey Time
  Bloodshot Bill and Shannon Shaw
  Sacred Bones
   Addicted To Punishment
  La Vide Es En Mus
   Self Defens
  Goodbye Boozy
   Heat Creature
  Goodbye Boozy
   Reasonable World
  The Blind Shake
  In the Red
   Girl on a Bicycle
  In the Red
   Slow Ride
  Fu Manchu
  At The Dojo
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