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She Said
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  Mutant Ape
  Turgid Animal
   Cowboy George
  The Fall
   Live at Glasgow Implodes
  At War With False Noise
   Space Dust
  White Shit
   Open My Eyes
  the nazz
  Brian Jonestown Massacre
  Tee Pee
   You Don't Know Jesus
   I Woke Up Dreaming
  Teenage Jesus and the Jerks
  Cherry Red Phonograph
   Black Rabbit
  Crucial Blast
   Fascination Street
  The Cure
   Psyche Ashtray Action Mother
  The Cosmic Dead
  All Dead Tapes
   Amuse Bouche
   Aye and Ay
  Mouse Eat Mouse
   Vitamin C
   Black Sabbath
  Black Sabbath
  black sabbath
   The Cusp Of Innocence, Prettily
  Shit & Shine
  Riot Season
   Jilted John
  Jilted John
   SOS Sound Of Sam
  Koolaid Electric Company
  White Label
   First Ape Shot Into Space
  The Cosmic Dead
  All Dead Tapes
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