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She Said
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   End Of Radio
  Touch and Go
   When The Music's Over
  The Doors
   Can't Stand My Baby
  The Rezillos
   French Winger
  Fat Janitor
  Wolf Among Wolves
   Rabid Pigs
  The Jesus Lizard
  Touch and Go
   Long Gone Lonesome Blues
  Hank Williams
  Big 3
   Addams Family Values
  Battery Face
   Ride The Sky
  Lightning Bolt
   Crooked Scene
  Male Bonding
  Sub Pop
   Packs of Three
  Arab Strap
  Chemikal Underground
   Let's Get Out Of Here
  Les Savy Fav
  Die Die Die
  Golden Antenna
   We're In Yr Corner
   Wonderful Creature
  Stig Noise
  Post Music
   Yarncarrier And Break
   Sell Or Be Sold
  Human Don't Be Angry
  Chemikal Underground
  Copy Haho
  I Fly Spitfires
   Cock Thoughts
  At War With False Noise
  Battery Face
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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.