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balearic // jazz // ambient // psychedelic // thematic

"Skreppa" is an Icelandic phrase that doesn't directly translate into English but indirectly means to 'run off for a little while', to grab some coffee - or disappear into the wilderness forever. Like this I aim to make my show into its own break, away from the hustle and bustle. By focusing on one theme each episode I aim to delve into different genres; focussing on the history, telling a story, and playing some (hopefully) good music too.

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   11:00 - 12:00
   Sun, 28/04/2019
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@ The Underground circa 2016
17/03/2019 // @ The Underground circa 2016

This week I explore the beer-drenched and sweat-seasoned halls of what was my second home during my later teenage years, The Underground.

I will be showcasing some of the best that Plymouth has (or had) to offer, alongside other bands from the musical cornucopia that is the south coast.

Expect indie, Expect fuzz, Expect the sweet nostalgia of yesteryear...

(This Episode is dedicated to Ben Turner and the Underground Crew, for all the work, dedication, and faith they have had in all of us over the years)

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