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balearic // jazz // ambient // psychedelic // thematic

"Skreppa" is an Icelandic phrase that doesn't directly translate into English but indirectly means to 'run off for a little while', to grab some coffee - or disappear into the wilderness forever. Like this I aim to make my show into its own break, away from the hustle and bustle. By focusing on one theme each episode I aim to delve into different genres; focussing on the history, telling a story, and playing some (hopefully) good music too.

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28/04/2019 // 0100101011

From the barren wastes of Sweden to the golden shores of California, the subject of this weeks show has alluded description, dodged pigeonholing, and is one of my favourite bastard children of the prolific and incestuous world of metal music.

Some call it progressive-metal, others call it 'please turn it off you're hurting my ears', but none of these compare to the preferred monkier of metal's most onomatopoeic sub-genre, Djent.

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