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Subcity's Social Distancing Social Club
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For now, we are apart. But radio brings us together! The Subcity studio is currently closed but that isn't going to stop us making sweet sweet radio content. Over the next few weeks we'll be bringing you a selection of excellent one-off broadcasts from new contributors to the station. If you would like to send us a show to broadcast please see our guide to making a broadcast at subcity.org/news and then email [email protected] . We want to encourage all types of broadcast including mixes, live performances, pub quizzes, cook-along shows or whatever else your stimulation-starved brain can come up with. Lock-in during the lock down!

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   15:00 - 16:00
   Wed, 27/05/2020
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Quarantino Heatwave
F-Razor Think-Later’s Trainwave Brainwave
25/05/2020 // Unnamed Episode

F-Razor Think-Later (AKA MAJ0R RAZ0R, AKA Fraser Linklater) will enlighten you on how to say butterfly in Italian, while simultaneously serving up lashings of French pop, Post-Punk, Neues Deutsches Welle and maybe a lil’ drop of dancin’ ditties, all for your own sonic indulgence. Toot toot; this train is made of 6 carriages and will depart shortly. ALL ABOARD!

If you want to submit a mix for a show in the future, check our guidelines for submissions here and then email us at [email protected]

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