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Sorbie Rd.
electronic // acoustic // diy // indierock // dream

A monthly meet-up where two friends share the softest of sounds. Ft. guest mixtapes, live appearances, and unnecessarily long show news.

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   14:00 - 16:00
   Sun, 22/03/2020
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Shaded Feelings
30/09/2019 // Shaded Feelings

Lee isn't in Glasgow at the moment - so I'm sad to announce it's a solo one. More importantly, there will be a lack of show news in his absence!

This time last year Sorbie Rd, DJ FOMO & D'Oeuf came together to do a one-off show of jangly, dreamy and melodious indie pop. This show will be a lot like that one. 95% guitars. 5% coherence.

**Lee's mad paragraph usually here***

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