Soulful with patches of mist
Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakfown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   Will you be here
  Freddie Hughes
  Happy Fox
   I'm just living a lie
  Bettye Swann
   Smoothie Pie
  Sky Hi
  G.E.D. Soul
   When you wake up
  Cash McCall
   Baby It's rainin'
  Joe Tex
   First Impressions
  The Impressions
   I'm afraid to let you into my life
  Freddie Waters
   My baby's gone
  Donald Height
   We've got to give more of ourselves
  Enternal family
   This love will never die
  The Miracles
  Tamla Motown
   I've got to make it on my own
  The Detroit Spinners
   Trapped in a love
  The Barrino Brothers
   You're a bad habit baby
  Johnny Adams
  SSS International
   Party music
  Pat Lundi
   I'll never change (my love for you)
  The LA Dellics
   Thank you
  Messiahs of Glory // Charles Street
  Sky Hero
   It's a Helluva Thing
  Ray Agee
   The best in me
  Bill Stone
  Right Road
   If you don't want the man (Don't take the money)
  Joe Tex
   The other side of your Love
  Al Williams
   I'm Falling in love
  Vann and Reggie
  Brilliant Minds
   You Haven't seen nothin' yet
  Will Hatcher
   (I'm living on) Borrowed time
  Charles Wright
  Will Chapron // Stoned Gumbo
   Let my love bring out the woman in you
  Lonnie Youngblood
   Never give you up
  Blinky and Edwin Starr
  Tamla Motown
   Paint yourself in the corner
  The Classic Sullivans
   Come see me
  Jeanette Rudolph
   Ooh, baby Baby
  The Magnificent 7
   Come on, let me love you
  Moses Smith
   We're not too young (to fall in love
  Karen Striblin
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