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great soul with positive and negative outcomes
Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   I'm in love with the girl next door
  Rue Davis
  Kon Kord
   Tears and Misery
  Sonny Til
   Shake Cheri
  The Hopkins Bros.
  Soul Junction
   I need your love today
  Sweet Thunder
  Fantasy WMOT
   Whole lot of you in me
  Brotherly Love
  Robinson & Son
  Shuggie Otis
   Don't know why I love you
  Thelma Houston
   Love in them there hills
  Maxine Brown
   Oh me Oh My I'm a fool for you baby
  Gloria Edwards
   I blew a good thing
  Jimmy Soul Clark
   Secret admirer
  Jerry Greene
   A little taste of Love
  Candi Staton
  Warner Bros.
  Barbara St. Clair
  Crosseyed Bear
   What can I tell Her
  JP Robinson
   Take a little time this time
  JULES JOHNSON // The Dynamics
   The Man (Master Plan)
  Four Real, Inc
  Flying Eagles
   Baby Come Back
  LJ Reynolds
  Motor City Hits
   Why can't we try again
  Patti Austin
  Dwight Thompson
  World City
   Do unto others
  Joe Johnson
   Just let me hold you for tonight
  David Ruffin
   That's enough
  Rose Davis
   Nothing is too good (for you baby)
  Jamal Trice
   Love Dream
  Little Jimmy Shaw // The Starlets
   Things That a lady ain't supposed to do
  Emory // The Dynamics
   You're the kind of girl
  Lee Fields
  White Label
   I destroyed your Love
  Terry Huff
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