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Alan Beattie plays soul on UK labels
Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   I'm Ready
  Mighty Clouds of Joy
   I'm the one to do it
  Jackie Wilson
   Wrap it up
  Sam and Dave
   Whatever makes you Happy
   This thing called Love
  Johnny Wyatt
   Don't believe him Donna
  Lenny Miles
  Top Rank
   More Love, that's what we need
  Gospel Classics
   Worth every tear I cry
  Dee Dee Warwick
   West Coast
  Ketty Lester
   Mrs Soul
  Joyce Bond
   You just Don't Know
  Chubby Checker
  Cameo Parkway
   A Lil Lovin' sometimes
  Alexander Patton
   Sweet Sweet Love
  Bobby Sheen
   Above a whisper
  Jimmy Thomas
   Will I Find Love
  Gene Chandler // Barbara Acklin
   My Girl
  Robert Owens
   Living in the Past
  Vala regan // Valarons
   I know what Love is
  Leon Haywood
  20th Century
   Good old days
  Jones bros.
   Don't you know I love you
  Major Lance
   All I want is you
  Berry Street Station
   You bring out the Love in me
  Bobby McClure
   Time will take care of everything
  Lou Rawls
  Philadelphia International
   There'll come a time there'll come a day
  Basic Black and Pearl
  Bus Stop
   Thinking of You
  King Sporty
   Pick up your smile
   I Can't Understand it
  Horace Faith
   Can't shake this feeling
  Detroit Spinners
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