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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   Don't be so mean
  Top of the Town
  North Bay
   I've had a fight with Love
  Johnnie Taylor
   Where is the Love
  Glen Miller
  Doctor Bird
   California Dreamin'
  The Jacksonians
   I keep telling you
  Little Ron Johnson
  Hard Times
   I thought I Could Handle it
  Denis Edwards
   Crying time is over
  Tony Love
   She's not your Girl Friend
  Linda Laws
  Jam Guy
   My world of Ecstacy
  Reggie Soul
   Hey Girl
  Jimmy James // The Vagabonds
   The Time is right for love
  Bobby Reed
   Let it Go
  Linda Laws
   Foxie Lila
  Dwight Franklin
   I'm so in love with you
  Matt Covington
   I still Love you so
  Judy Green
   Jealous over love
  James Dee // A Piece of the Action // The Primettes
   Love Doctor
  Millie Jackson
   Save my love for a Rainy Day
  The Undisputed Truth
   Are you Leaving me
  Pep Brown
   I can't live without you
  Linda Laws
   Can you love a poor boy
  Gil Bernal
  RCA Victor
   When you come around me
  Midwest Franchise
   You give me everything
  Linda Laws
   Let's live in Peace
  The Temptations
   Standing on the outside
  Lee Charles
   Let's get Together
  Fantastic Epics
   Just a face in the crowd
  Kittie Doswell
   Leave me Alone
  Maurice Davis
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