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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   My world of Ecstacy
  Reggie Soul
   Come and make love with me
  Margie Joseph
  Ed Townshend
   What would it Take
  The Showmen
   Baby I Love you
  Benny Johnson
   Brown and Beautiful
  Two tons of Love
   Running back and Forth
  Edwin Starr
  Tamla Motown
   Keep your promises
  Clarence Glover
   It must be love
  The Steelers
  Triple T
   Would you believe in me
  Jon Lucien
   Back Home
  Gil Scott-Heron
   I choose you
  Donald Height
   Look me in the eyes
  Joe Washington // Wash
  West Sounds
   Girl have Pity
  The Carstairs
  White Label
   Blind over you
  Bobby Wade
   No man is an Island
  The Van Dykes
   Touching You
  Debbie Taylor
   Lovin' at Midnight
  Carla Whitney // Choker Campbell // The Super Sounds
   It's so hard being a loser
  The Contours
   Honey Dove
  Lee Fields // The Expressions
   Just a little Closer
  Archie Bell // The Drells
   I can't wait
  The Dontells
   I Know what love is
  Leon Haywood
  20th Century
   Help me love
  Luther Ingram
   I Miss you
  David Ruffin
   I need to see you again
  Percy Larkin
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